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You and your spouse may be considering a home birth and aren't sure of what the best decision is. For the most part, home births are about as safe a hospital births if its a low risk pregnancy. First
A breech birth is when your baby is in a buttocks or feet first position when giving birth. There are three different types of breech positions your baby may be in and are listed below: Frank
Most women experience the baby blues which is anxiety, exhaustion, crying, irritability, and insomnia. This usually happens a few days after birth and last for a few weeks but in some cases it worsens
Your body has been through a lot over the past 9 months and now even more during and after the delivery of your baby. You aren't going to get as much sleep as you used to before you were a mom, waking
After you give birth, your breasts start making even more changes than they have been during pregnancy. After you push out the placenta, your breasts start producing colostrum for your baby. Your
Pain near the vaginal opening or rectum after birth is known as perinial pain. This is caused by passing your baby through your small vaginal opening which can result in a tear or episiotomy. Your vag
After pregnancy, many but few women get constipated. Your stomach muscles are stretched and worn out and during delivery your bowel muscles are put through a lot and need time recovering, these are fa
Some c sections are planned but not always, it is good to be prepared and have an idea of what to expect in any situation. Here are some symptoms that may occure after a c section:
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