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During pregnancy you expect your stomach to grow but why my nose? It seems like every part of my body is swollen and my feet look like those of a cave man. Are you wondering why everything seems to ex
A still birth is when a full term baby has passed away in the womb. Many stillborns are mixed up with miscarriages because people don't know the facts. The death is known as a stillbi
An abortion is a medical procedure to abort your unborn child. After abortion you have to care for yourself just as if you had given birth because your body has to fully heal and your cervix has to cl
The mucus plug is a jelly like plug that seals off your uterus from bacteria during pregnancy. You will start to lose the plug as it gets closer to giving birth but not always at one time. Sometimes y
About five weeks ago my husband's sperm collided with my egg and quite literally before I knew it I was pregnant. Don't get me wrong, we're
The decision to have a baby is a monumental one. It's not a decision that many people make without first taking into consideration a number
1. Simply "not feeling well":
If you cannot classify a disorder or if you simply "do not feel good," calls your doctor or midwife. In
Whether you're planning on a baby or not, there are a few early pregnant symptoms that will answer the question, "Am I Pregnant?" These earliest signs of pregna
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