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Not everyone can afford the most expensive decorations displayed on shelves today but you can still make the holidays special. I feel like I am a kid trapped in an adult body because I come up with cr
Do you ever have those days where you can't stand looking into your children's bedroom because of the mess? I had those days for a while until I came up with a solution. This solution may not work for
Being a mom is a tough job but being a single mom is even harder. Here is a list of resources for moms who may need help and I hope you find the help you need for you and your family. Read More...
Being a mom is very rewarding and lots of fun but it wears us out. Our kids are constantly running around, getting into things, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. It is a
The last thing a woman wants is for her man to feel neglected or insecure. When this happens guys tend to look for other people or other things to fullfil their desire to be wanted. Learn what makes y
If you are like most people in college or right out of college, you may not even know that there could be something in your house that can
After eating do you feel just dreadful? If you do, you are not alone, millions of people suffer from bloating, gas, cramps and indigestion
The gratification of physiological or biological needs is a natural process, but even while doing so, you can never overlook the prescribed
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