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I sometimes hear from people who suspect that their ovulation date is going to be very important when they are attempting to choose their b
The accuracy of at-home tests vary from woman to woman. It can be frustrating not knowing whether or not you are pregnant right away, espec
Why do women wear stilettos while pregnant? I think this is like asking someone to break your neck without a fight. I already can't balance in heals, I can't imagine trying to balance while havin
According to the experts the ideal time to have an intercourse if you trying to get pregnant is the time when you ovulate i.e. the time when the egg is released
Before you have kids, you can stay out as late as you want, cook what ever you want, and you can just "do you". Get out and have fun before you have kids because until they are 18, you can't do w
Have fun! Just because you are over 40 years old, doesn't mean you can't have a baby. Start by trying for a few months and stay
     There are different types of pregnancy tests to have done or to do at home. The most accurate are the blood tests performed at the dr.'s office but the at home tests are 99% a
     It is essential for everyone to live a healthy lifestlye but definitely when planning on starting a family. Exercise and eating a healthy diet will not only help your body con
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