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     When your baby starts sitting up on his own its an exciting achievement. Crawling, on the otherhand, is a handful. To child proof your house for a crawling baby, you should crawl on all fours to see what will be within your baby's reach. There are tons of things we won't expect our little one to get into or find on the floor, such as, peices of food from the night before, small nails, electric sockets, small toys from older siblings. Your baby will be in your sight one second, and the next, he will be in the other room, so baby proofing all parts of the house is important. It may seem like a lot of work to childproof your house but it is worth it, knowing your baby is safe from harms way.

     Toilets, cabinets, trash cans, glass decorations, cleaning products, corners of tables, are all dangers to babies and need to be kept from their reach. There are home safety kits to purchase, that include outlet covers, doorknob covers, corner covers, and childproof latches for cabinets and toilets. You should also invest in a baby gate, to completely block off certain rooms or stairways. Don't ever underestimate your baby because it is better to be safe than sorry.

     Make sure you keep your floors swept and clean, carpets vacuumed, cabinets latched as well as toilets, and trash cans emptied and kept closed or blocked from baby's reach. Baby's are very curious an want to know what everything is, they will get into pretty much anything. If you take full precaution, you will feel comfortable in knowing your baby is safe.




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