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Stretch Marks 101 (Page 1 of 2)

  There are so many happy memories and great experiences when pregnant, one thing we don't want are stretch marks. A mother's skin obviously has to stretch to make room for that bundle of joy, but there is no joy in getting stretch marks all over your butt, thighs, and stomach. Not all stretch marks appear the same in appearance, some are a reddish color, some a dark brown but eventually they turn a silvery color and leave an indent in your skin. If you can treat them before they turn this silver color, they are easier to get rid of.

     The main thing, most of us know, is to keep our skin moisturized so it is easier to stretch. Moisturizing 3-4 times a day with lotions that contain cocoa butter or shea butter as the main ingredient is essential for hydration. The key is to massage the lotion deep into your stomach, butt, breasts, and thighs.


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