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As parents we all want the best for our children but we may need to update our parenting practices. You may have been taught from parents or grandparents to let your well fed, dry diaper, sleepy baby cry. Studies have shown that this causes trust issues and insecurities in your baby. If you want to have a happy secure baby, here are some tips on how to achieve that happiness:

Lots of Physical Touch- Cuddling and hugging and carrying your baby, make your baby feel safe and comforted. Carrying baby in a carrier and having a lot of skin contact, stimulates the prodction of the social hormone called oxytocin in both mom and baby. Children who have a lot of positive contact with mom, cry less, are able to socialize faster adn easier and are calmer babies.

Answer To Your Baby's Cries- Crying is your baby's only way of communicating and if you ignore those cries your baby feels insecure and alone. In the past we have practiced letting your well fed baby cry but now studies have proven the opposite. When you answer your baby's cries it shows that you are there for the baby and they are not alone or abandoned. This gives you child a sense of worth and they gain self esteem.

Nurse As Frequent As Possible- Nursing your child for as long and as frequent as possible forms a bond between you and your baby. Your baby will feel secure and loved from breast feeding. Breast fed babies have a sense of competence and they grow and develop better than formula fed babies. Breast fed children perform better on tests and cognitive development.

Sleep Near Your Baby- Babies who sleep with their parents for the first year or two of their lives, grow to their potential, emotionally, potentially, and physically. Bbaies who sleep with their parents are more likely to have a connection with their parents and are emotionally healthier. Sleeping near mom eleviates stress and discomfort a baby will have alone in their room and will make them a lot happier. Having your baby sleep in your bed is also dangerous because of the risk of suffocating your baby so using a co- sleeper is a great idea. This is like a basinett that connects to your bed so baby is as close as possible but safe.  

Practicing these tips as best as you can is all that matters. If you are uable to do everything exact it is ok and it doesn't make you a bad parent. As long as you try your best that is the most important thing and yor baby will appreciate every bit of it. Do not stress and do your best, if you need further advice speak to your dr or pediatrician. Good luck moms!



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