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Week Nine: Your baby has grown abut a week since last week. She is about the size of a green olive now and is forming muscles, preparing for the ability to move her arms and legs. You won't be able to feel any movement yet but you should be able to hear your baby's heart beat at your next Dr's visit.

Week ten: Now the size of a prune, your baby has small indentations on his legs which will soon be his knees and ankles. Elbows are formed so she can even bend her arms and the stomach and kidneys are beginning to function and produce urine and digestive fluids. If your baby is a male, he is beginning to develop testes and his tiny teeth are forming under his gums.

Week eleven: Your baby is about two inches long this week and beginning to look more human like. This week your baby grew hair follicles, finger nails, and ovaries if a girl. She now has hands and feet in front of her, a tongue and palate in her mouth, her ears are more shapely, her nose has tiny nostrils, she also has visible nipples. You should begin feeling hungrier but minimize junk, sweets, and fried food. These foods can cause bloating, gas and discomfort. Eat and nibble on foods high in fiber and that are very nutritious to keep from constipation and also to nourish you and your baby.

Week twelve: Your baby is now about half an ounce and about the size of a plum. There is still lots of maturing to be done but her systems are all in place. The digestive system is practicing contractions and preparing for food digestion, also the bone marrow is producing white blood cells which are the fighters against infection. The base of the brain, the pituitary gland, is beginning to produce the hormones needed to make babies in the adulthood. During this time, progesterone which increases blood flow to the baby and decreases blood flow to you, can cause dizziness and weakness. Be sure to eat and get up from bed or from a sitting position, to help with these symptoms.



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