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Week Five- Your baby is now about the size of an orange seed and resembles a tadpole. The baby’s circulatory system and heart are beginning to develop and now is about the time you can get a positive pregnancy test. Another part of the body starting to develop is the neural tube; soon this will become the baby’s brain and spinal cord.

Week six: This is when you feel the full effect of pregnancy. To help you focus on the positive, your baby's face is starting to develop. Your baby's cheeks, nose, jaw, chin and ears are beginning to form. The liver, kidneys, and lungs are developing and the heart beat is about 80 beats a min. Your baby is still no larger than the head of a nail.

Week seven: In week seven, your baby is 10,000 times larger that at conception. The baby is about the size of a blueberry and most of the growth is in the head where the brain is growing at 100 cells per min. Your baby is beginning to sprout legs and arms and the tongue and mouth are developing as well. Your baby's kidneys are also getting prepared to perform their job of urine production and secretion.

Week Eight: By this time, your baby is about the size of a large raspberry, growing at the rate of about a millimeter a day. Your baby is starting to look more like a baby but still has webbed toes and fingers. Her eye lids, lip, nose, and legs are forming as well as taking shape. Morning sickness kicks in during this time because the baby is making a lot of movement. The baby's heart rate is now about 150 beats per min.



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