Giving Birth
Giving Birth
Giving birth can be a scary thought. You may wonder how it will feel, what type of birthing technique you want to use, will you have to get a c section? Here you will learn the different options you have whether they are natural or with the help of an epidural. We are here to help you along the way and to help give you the confidence you need, to prepare you for that big special day!


Giving Birth
You and your spouse may be considering a home birth and aren't sure of what
A breech birth is when your baby is in a buttocks or feet first position wh
During the last few weeks of pregnancy a mother will be anxious and excited
Most women experience the baby blues which is anxiety, exhaustion, crying,
Your body has been through a lot over the past 9 months and now even more d
After you give birth, your breasts start making even more changes than they
Pain near the vaginal opening or rectum after birth is known as perinial pa
After pregnancy, many but few women get constipated. Your stomach muscles a
Some c sections are planned but not always, it is good to be prepared and h